Set up automatic replies for whenever someone sends your bot a message, in the 'Replies' tab on the 'Automated' page

In the 'Replies' tab on the 'Automated' page you can set up answers to things your users type to you.

The most basic way to use this is to have your bot reply to triggers such as 'Hi' with something like 'Hi [first_name] 👋'. Just add a reply, name it, add words that trigger it, and add copy with which your bot will reply.

Adding a quick reply

More advanced options could be to use this as part of a keyword campaign, like a secret password. Share the secret keyword somewhere, and have exclusive content ready as a pre-written reply.

Automatic reply

You can also set up an automatic reply. This replies to anything a user types. If you're getting a lot of questions and aren't able to handle them, turn this on and provide an FAQ as content. We mostly discourage users from using this feature, as it can come across as overly mechanical and automated.