Sample Broadcast

A three step guide to sending out a sample broadcast. Sign up and connect to Messenger, edit your introduction flow, and send yourself a test broadcast.

Here's a simple checklist of what you should do to get started:

  1. Sign up and connect to Messenger via your Facebook page
  2. Edit your introduction flow and test it
  3. Send yourself a sample broadcast

Sign up and connect to Messenger via your Facebook Page

First things first: to get started, go to our website and click on ‘Get Started’ in the top right corner to sign in to I AM POP’s dashboard. Sign Up and Connect to Messenger via Your Facebook Page

This will prompt you to authenticate via Facebook. We can’t post anything to any of your pages, or add anything to them, until you actually connect a page.

Now, connect I AM POP to your Facebook page by going to settings and selecting your page in the list of pages you have admin rights to.

This page will be in LIVE mode by default. Let’s set it to DRAFT for now, by click on the green slider.

LIVE/DRAFT Mode settings


Note: make sure to optimize your Facebook page's settings, too!

Edit your introduction flow and test it

The first time someone interacts with your Messenger channel after you’ve connected to I AM POP, they will be greeted by your introduction flow.

To edit this flow, go to the ‘Introduction’ tab in the ‘Automated’ section of the dashboard.

You’ll find a standard flow in this tab. Edit the default copy of the messages in this flow to suit your needs. Remember: this is where you get to make your first impression!


Press the big orange button to save the introduction flow, or the blue Messenger button to preview it from a subscribers perspective!

Note: we advise you to add a double opt-in to your introduction flow. Check out this blog post that explains why, and how to do so.

Send yourself a sample broadcast

You’ve connected I AM POP to your Facebook page, but you still have to grow your subscriber count. Why don’t you set your bot to LIVE mode in the ‘Settings’ section.

Setting your page to LIVE mode

Now it’s time to become your own first subscriber! You can do this by following the unique ‘’ link shown in the top left corner of your dashboard. Or by going to your Facebook page and clicking the ‘Send Message’ button.

Click on ‘Get Started’ in your Facebook page’s Messenger channel, and you’re subscribed.

To send yourself a test broadcast, simply make your way over to the ‘Message’ tab in the ‘Broadcasts’ section. The simplest way to broadcast to your subscribers is to type a message here, and click the orange send button.

The Message tab in the Broadcasts section

Try sending out a test message, just to yourself. Or, even better, try composing a flow by clicking on the grey button with the speech balloon, and send out an interactive flow of messages. It’s as simple as that!

That was our step-by-step guide to sending out a sample broadcast. Want to know more check out our most popular Messenger marketing resources here.


Facebook Subscription Messaging 

As of July 31, 2019, Facebook Subscription Messaging permissions will be granted at Page-level. This means you will have to apply for these permissions. Here is a step-by-step guide on how to get Subscription Messaging permissions.